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Case Studies

Assembly and Automation

Assembly and Automation

A well-known Plc were buying an assembled plastic injection moulding pharmaceutical product from a very well-known American multinational company. They were having quality issues with the assembled part which were not being resolved.

The Plc came to Bowles and Walker Ltd as they knew that we were the plastics moulder, to see if we could help with the situation. We devised a manual solution for the assembly and were taken on as a duel supplier.

However Bowles and Walker Ltd was soon made the sole supplier as we were able to demonstrate much better quality and ability to react to customer requirements compared to the other supplier.

As quantities grew from the initial 10,000 parts a month, it was clear that a manual system would not be able to cope with customer requirements.

Bowles and Walker Ltd comishioned automated assembly machines to be built, which were put into place and have been extremely successful and have dealt with 150,000 parts per month. This has continued and we are now on our 2nd generation of automated machines which can now deliver even higher quality and efficency compared to the 1st generation

Bowles and Walker has a proven ability to able to cope with low and high volume moulding and assembly projects, please contact us for further details.