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Bowles and Walker 20th Year at Watton


Bowles and Walker Ltd moved to our Watton site from East Harling in 2002 with 5 machines and a working capacity of 25T to 80T. 20 years on, and we have grown in to the company we are today, running 15 machines with a capacity of 25T to 400T.

Our aims and objectives have largely remained the same:

1) To be the first choice supplier of our customers for injection moulding.

2) To deliver a quality product and service at all times.

3) To achieve 100% on time delivery.

4) To provide a quick response to all customer concerns.

5) To provide technical assistance and support to customers.

Over time our environmental impact has become a big focus for us as well, with the implementation of Environmental and Decarbonisation policies, larger in-house recycling systems to enable waste plastic material to be reused, the installation of a 33Kw photovoltaic system in 2015, which was then expanded to a 114 Kw system in 2021.

Now in 2022, we generate almost 50% of our energy ourselves, recycle and reuse approximately 95% of all waste plastics, and are investigating further ways to reduce our carbon footprint with the use of more modern, energy efficient equipment and other energy generation technologies.