Changing The Paradigm On Plastics!

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Plastics do not currently have a good reputation; however, at Bowles and Walker Ltd plastic injection moulding, we firmly believe that the material is not at fault, but the way in which it is managed after use and how it reaches end-of-life.

Bowles and Walker’s managing director Andrew Barwood and Technical and Quality manager Dr Michael Barwood participated in the local Watton Rotary group's "Rotary Plastics Debate", held on the 25th March 2021.

Bowles and Walker have been defending the use of plastics, highlighting its environmental benefits while stressing that even though plastics are perceived to be damaging to the environment, it has allowed society to move forward and should be respected. In this regard, rather than needlessly throwing plastics away and potentially damaging the natural world, plastics should be managed significantly better at end-of-life. This would enable its re-use, to be recycled or that some of its enbeded energy can be reclaimed, a practice that has already been in place at Bowles and Walker for an extensive period of time.

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