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From small to high-volume production, we can manufacture it all. Whether you’re creating a completely new product or want to change manufacturers, let’s mould success together.

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Precision Plastic Injection Moulding

We can produce plastic parts from 0.1g to 2000g on our moulding machines that range from 25T to 400T. We have great experience manufacturing complex injection moulded parts that require acute precision.

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Medical Plastic Precision Mouldings

We understand that acute precision is required when creating plastic products for the healthcare industry. Many products for medical or pharmaceutical companies must be moulded in a controlled environment free from dust and other contaminates. At Bowles & Walker, we have a controlled environment room to produce components without the risk of contamination from stray material, dust or other contaminates. We always prioritise quality and precision to manufacture medical plastic components that meet industry standards in the UK and globally.



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Ready to get started?

Whether you already have a product you need to manufacture or you’re starting from scratch, we can help. Contact us to get a quote today.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the bespoke plastic parts we’ve moulded.

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shrink it logo Producing high quality and reliable shrink gun systems

With our flexible approach, we helped ShrinKit manufacture their shrink guns efficiently and in a cost-effective manner without compromising on quality.

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pink plastic injection moulded cycling tools
Rehook logo Injection moulding for innovative cycling product

Offering our design, tooling and moulding expertise, we helped Rehook develop their new ‘Rehook Plus’ and ‘Rehook Mini’ products.

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orange plastic part and mould tool
Advanced Air Logo Reducing costs by creating a bespoke mould tool

We helped Advanced Air reduce costs by creating their own mould tool for a bespoke enclosure for their electrical enclosure.

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Seneye logo Injection moulding for plastic casing and components

We are proud to have a long standing relationship with Seneye, creating a system that enables them to monitor water in an aquarium to protect marine life.

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Why Choose Us?

At Bowles and Walker, we take pride in helping to streamline your manufacturing process. At our core we prioritise precision, ensuring every product we mould meets the highest industry standards.

  • Over 50 Years Experience
  • High Precision Mouldings
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Wide Range of Materials
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Injection Moulding FAQ’s

We answer your common questions surrounding injection moulding.

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What is injection moulding?

Injection moulding is a widely used technique for mass producing plastic parts. It involves melting plastic and injecting it into a mould, where it cools and solidifies into specific shape. It is the most efficient way to create intricate and complex products.

What is the plastic moulding process?

The process involves melting thermoplastic pellets which are then injected into a mould at pressure, cooled and solidified into the final product. Find out more about injection moulding process here.

What material can you make the part out of?

There are a variety of different plastic material options, but the product will dictate what material can be used. When creating a product it’s important to consider the purpose, where and how it will be used. Find out more about the common materials used in plastic injection moulding.

How much will it cost?

The cost of making a plastic part depends on the part itself and whether you have a tool already made. Every plastic part requires a tool, but once the tool is created the cost of production is very minimal. Find out more about the cost of plastic injection here.

What are the benefits of injection moulded plastic parts?

There are many benefits, including the ability to produce large quantities of plastic parts efficiently and cost effectively, without compromising on quality. Read our blog about 7 ways injection moulding can benefit your business to learn more.

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