Energy Prices Surge as Crisis Continues

energy prices image

The recent events of the last 6 months, especially the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has caused energy prices to sky rocket and caused energy contracts to be very difficult to secure at times due to the uncertainty of the global energy market. As Bowles and Walker Ltd is a plastic injection moulding company, we use a substaintial amount of energy this situation is very concerning.

As of the 1st of April Bowels and Walker Ltd has entered in to a new electricity contract with Pozitive Energy, however, this has meant a 143% or £25,926 increase from our previous contract.

Nevertheless, even though this was not good news we have already begun to mitigate these increases by investing in new energy efficiency technologies including, expanding our existing solar PV array, optimising our energy usage and investing in more modern energy efficient equipment.

Ongoing, Bowles and Walker will be working closely with our customers so that we can help wherever possible during this worrying time.

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