Living with COVID-19 2022

living with covid

Bowles and Walker Ltd have counted themselves as being truly lucky over the last couple of years. We have not had to shut down plastic injection moulding activities due to the pandemic, and having procedures in place that have protected our staff throughout.

As the country now finds itself over half way through 2022, and the vast majority of life has returned to normal. At Bowles and Walker Ltd, we are still being vigilant, encouraging staff to regularly wash hands, continuing to thoroughly clean work areas, and ensuring sanitising of hands is done consistently, which at this point has now become common sense to maintain healthy living.

Although reports are now stating there are increases in infections of COVID-19, we feel that as long as everyone remains sensible there should be no issues with maintaining the current policies at our site.

We still advise that people are cautious and to keep up to date with the governmental updates regarding COVID-19 and follow the current living with COVID-19 guidance:


For further information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak please see:


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