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Overcoming Raw Material Shortages!

Increased Costs And Longer Lead Times For Components

As reported in our previous news post, Bowles and Walker are experiencing a severe shortage and major price increase in plastic raw materials. This is seemingly occurring in other areas as well, including the availability of brass fittings and other machine components.

Over the last year the price of brass has significantly increased by almost 30%, and its availability has been decreasing while lead times are increasing. This is suspected to be caused by a combination of the global pandemic and delays in the export/import industries, resulting from Brexit. We expect this trend to carry on for the most part of 2021 but will hopefully return back to normal levels as the year progresses towards 2022.

Bowles and Walker have been working closely with our suppliers to ensure a stable supply of components; however, there have been instances where concessions have had to be agreed with customers due to components becoming totally unavailable.

At Bowles and Walker we are committed to providing the best products and service we possibly can, and we will continue to work closely with both our suppliers and customers to ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain.