Reshoring to Improve Resilience!

made in uk

In 2016 Bowles and Walker began to aid customers by helping them to reshore several plastic injection moulding tools from abroad back to the UK. The recent pandemic has yet again highlighted the need for greater reshoring.

Several of our UK based customers have reported an increase in sales this year due to unavailability of competitor product ranges that are manufactured typically in China or India.

This has led many industries to realise that when global supply chains are challenged it can cause significant delays, delivery shortfalls, and massively increased costs to transport goods between countries, whereas if more local or national supplies are utilised there would be significantly less disruption and interruption with their sales.

At Bowles and Walker we are continuing to encourage the reshoring of production tools to increase our manufacturing resilience for not just our local industries and communities but also our national community as well.

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