What Products can be Made from Plastic Injection Moulding?

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Injection moulding is a highly efficient manufacturing process that is widely used across various industries. Many companies rely on plastic injection moulding to mass-produce their products in a cost effective and efficient way. From the creation of medical syringes to adapters for cables, plastic parts are used on a daily basis by many businesses.

Here we take a close look at the 7 main industries that we supply to: 

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Injection moulding plays a crucial role in the production of equipment in the medical and pharmaceutical industry that requires high precision and meets strict healthcare standards. Most medical parts are produced in a variety of colours and shapes, with a high level of strength and strict control over the production process. 

We’ve manufactured a range of medical plastic parts, including those for fluid suction, cornea transplants and sample collection. We have also produced a variety of sample vials, cartridge housings and clinical labels. These all have to follow strict standards of practice and monitoring, to maintain high quality at all times.

Consumer and Retail Goods

Plastics are often expected to be part of consumer goods in one way or another, whether that be outer casings, clips, fixings, handles or simply as packaging materials. Many retail companies create and sell products in high volumes and at a relatively low cost, and injection moulding is a vital part of this process. It enables businesses to produce inexpensive parts quickly and in bulk.

We have produced several products for the retail sector, including parts for toys and board games, handles for packaging, enclosure casings as well as levers, grates and fixings. Having moulded a diverse range of parts, we've gained valuable insights into the manufacturing process, minimising potential challenges in the production of new products.


Even within the agricultural sector, a surprising amount of plastic parts are used. From seedling trays and irrigation tubing to pesticide containers and livestock feed bags. We have been involved in a variety of parts to aid feeding livestock, aerating land and components for enclosures and fences. These components often need to be able to withstand outdoor conditions and are specifically crafted to endure UV exposure.


The automotive industry widely uses injection moulding to make various components like dashboards, interior trims, bumpers and intricate parts such as gears and pulleys. This process helps manufacturers efficiently produce lightweight, durable and complex parts. 

We primarily focus on manufacturing varios light lenses, but have also produced different types of housings and enclosures for electrical and wired parts. These housings have involved over-moulding and insert moulding, which has given us plenty of experience in manufacturing more complex products that comply with safety regulations.

Fire and Safety

The fire and safety industry requires specific equipment that is reliable and effective in demanding environments, and plastic injection moulding can aid this. Thanks to its versatile manufacturing process, it caters for the production of bespoke components that can be specifically designed to enhance safety.

We have worked with a number of companies over the years, supplying fire hose handles and nozzles, guards for industrial equipment and safety plugs. These plastics need to be lightweight, strong and hard wearing to undergo extreme conditions.


In the electronics industry plastic parts are often used to make housings, brackets and barriers. This is because plastic can insulate against electricity, resist dust and moisture and provide a high level of protection. Electronics would have significantly more performance issues and shorter lifespans if injection moulded plastics were not used. 

The plastics can also be customised to almost any colour and shape to create both an appealing and practical product. It can also be over-moulded for additional protection and designed to ensure the component fits precisely into the specific device.

Building and construction

When thinking of the construction industry, the first materials that come to mind would probably not be plastic. However, due to plastics being lightweight and high in strength, they are often used as a substitute material for heavier parts. This is certainly true for window and door frames, often made of uPVC rather than wood.  

Plastics can be customised to be durable and long-lasting as well as resistant to extreme weather and temperature changes. This makes them essential in the building and construction industry, where various components like clips, handles, hinges and brackets are made through injection moulding. 

How we can help

No matter what industry your company operates in, we can help you take advantage of the benefits of plastic injection moulding. If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us today by calling 01953885294 or emailing info@bowles-walker.com. We look forward to working with you on your journey to create products, reduce costs and support UK manufacturers.

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