Working To Lower Environmental Impact

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At Bowles and Walker Ltd we have been working with some of our customers to improve the environmentability of their plastic injection moulding products, allowing us and them to leave much less of an impact on our planet.

Bowles and Walker Ltd have explored and recommended various strategies, significantly pursuing the use of post-industrial or post-consumer recyclate to replace virgin materials and to make their products more lightweight, reducing the total amount of material used in production.

Using a recycled material has obvious environmental benefits, by replacing a percentage or the entirety of the virgin material content, saving virgin raw materials, energy and water.

Lightweighting a product, e.g. to remove some of its mass without compromising its design and structure, is highly beneficial and can be applied to many products.

Following these methodologies tons of raw material can be saved annually from each product line that they are applied to, leading to significant environmental gains. This allows our customers to be reassured that their environmental footprint will be minimised when creating a product with us.

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